Everything you ever wanted to know about Serge's voice over service
- Awesome demos, but how do I know your fit for my project?

That's a very common question. It's not easy to know if a certain voice will fit. Every project is unique, I get that.

Is your project done? Send me as much info as you can: video, background music,... This will help me better understand what you're looking for and what your project needs. I can record a custom demo for you for free. As soon as you are ready, we'll move forward.

- Can I introduce your stem to my client?

Of course! Download my demos and send them to your client. Or show the way to my website, whatever you're comfortable with. Would you like a custom demo? That's possible too. Shoot me an email, chat, or call me and I will record that demo for you.

- When can I expect your recording?

Quick. It usually takes me only a couple of hours.

I don't like to underdeliver, that's why I say "within 24 hours". Because sometimes I'm busy with other work or longer projects for other clients and I can't - and don't want to - rush your recording.

Note that everything depends on the length of your script and how busy I am with other projects. So if you are really in a rush please contact me beforehand so I can block my schedule for you and I can let you know what's possible and what's not.

- Thank you, but I really am in a rush.

No worries, we'll find a solution. Just contact me and we will discuss. I am always available and will answer right away. 

- How will you deliver my recording?

Good question. My standard is WAV 48khz 32 bits. But if you prefer another format or other specs, that's possible too. Just let me know.

Don't worry if your mailbox can't handle large files, the attachment will be in the cloud so you never have to worry about recordings that are too large.

- So.. what's in the file/recording that I will get?

For commercials, animation videos and explainers up to two minutes, you will get several reads. Usually you receive three different reads. Do you prefer the beginning of read one and the ending of read three? Ask your editor to combine them or let me know and I can edit them together for you.

If your script is longer - like for e-learnings and other longer scripts - then you will receive one read. 

- How much does a voice over cost? What's the price for a voice over recording?

The cost depends on the medium the recording will be used on (tv, radio, internet,...) - which is the usage fee - and the length of the script. You can find more info about my rates here.

Shoot me an email of you'd like a quote. I accept US checks in US dollar, Paypal, Zelle, Apple Pay and you can wire or transfer to my bank account.


I have several bank accounts in different currencies and different countries. The most important ones: US Bank account at BOA, a Belgian Bank Account for European wire transfers and an account in UK for payments in GBP. Contact me for more info.