These are indicative rates for recordings used in Belgium.

✔︎ web-video non-commercial up to 3 minutes starting at €250

✔︎ e-learning €0.20 per word with a minimum of €200 or 1000 words.

✔︎ regional tv- and radio commercial 30" in Belgium starting at €250

✔︎ national tv- and radio commercial on demand

✔︎ New!! Now you can listen in and direct for free with Source connect, Session Link, Skype etc.

The fees depend on different factors like the length of the copy and the channel you'll be using the recording on. That's why it is difficult to post definitive fees on my website.


But... Obviously you would like an indication. You can use the "Global Voice Acting Academy Rate Guide" as a reference. Remember, rates depend on the length of the project and where you're going to use the audio (what region and what medium).

What are your Rates?
Indicative price 

*these fees are an indication, not binding and can be changed anytime.

If you'd like to budget your project and would like to know what rates to expect, the GVAA (Global Voice Acting Academy) rate card is a very good starting point.

Here you can find the UK voice-over rate guide:

Swiss rates for voice talent:

German voice over fees: