Voice Booth in a Travel Suitecase

Tribooth mobile voice booth
Tribooth with extra insulation - dog not included

A professional voice talent needs a well insulated place where he can record without reverb, noise, barking dogs and trucks passing by. At home, I have the ideal recording setup thanks to my Studiobricks.

But what does one do when you travel and still want to remain available for your customers? Delivering excellent service is extremely important in the competitive voice talent industry.

You want to be available at all times, respond quickly to quotation and availability requests. And then as soon as you get a "go", you want to jump in the booth and record asap.

The solution? The Tribooth! It is a mobile voice booth that you can assemble in 15 minutes. It consists of PVC pipes that you can easily fit together.

Once the PVC pipes have been assembled, you have a frame over which you throw the supplied blankets. This way you create your own cozy recording nook. Tribooth comes with some accessories like an iPad stand, copy stand, a microphone boom arm, an overhead light and an extension cord.

Travel Suitcase

All parts fit neatly in the supplied travel case that you can check in on the plane. The full suitcase weighs no more than 23kg, which is the maximum weight for most airlines. So also ideal for long journeys.

Of course the idea is that you provide a computer, microphone and preamp. Those are not included. While traveling, I use a 2018 Macbook Pro, the Sennheiser MKH416 and the Apollo Arrow preamp from Universal Audio.

As you can see in the photo at the top, it is recommended to add some extra insulation if you are in a room with a lot of echo. Are you staying at a hotel? Drag the mattress and blankets off the bed!

Obviously, the Tribooth is not sound proof, but if you use a shot mic such as the Sennheiser 416 and a noise gate or expander, you definitely can record professional audio. I recorded several national radio commercials with this and during our remote session the sound engineer I worked with had no idea that I was in the Tribooth.

Then the price. I admit, the Tribooth is not cheap. $1500 for some PVC pipes, blankets and a suitcase? But if you're all thumbs just like me this mobile booth will give you more confidence and peace of mind while you travel. For me, it is really worth it. I got my return on investment in a couple of recording sessions at hotels.

Unfortunately, the Tribooth is not available outside the US. You could order it when you travel to the US and take it home with you. The perfect excuse to book a trip to the US ... and claim it as a business trip..? 😇

*Get all the details on what's included and what's not on the Tribooth website.

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