Look what happend to my booth...

Klik hier als je graag deze blogpost in het Nederlands wil lezen https://www.sergedemarre.com/single-post/2020/07/07/Help-mijn-booth-ligt-in-stukken

No, it did not collapse. I purposely disassembled my Studiobricks with help from a friend - thank you so much Nitin! “Why did you take it apart?”, I hear you ask.

Well… I am moving. About 5,600 miles east. From Dallas, Texas to Budapest, Hungary. I can assure you, moving during a pandemic is quite a challenge,

Just to be clear, I’m still recording your scripts. You can still count on me. I have a mobile voice booth that sounds as good as the Studiobricks. The only difference is that the mobile booth is a bit less comfortable for me 😉 But it is only for a couple of weeks, because the Studiobricks is on its way to Budapest ✈️

(Feel free to skip the rest of this blog, I’m just going a bit more into detail.)

About a month and a half ago - somewhere in May - my husband’s company offered him a new job in Budapest. This assignment will last for about two to three years. We’ve tried a long distance relationship once before and that wasn’t really a succes for neither of us. So.. Yeah, I’m moving with him! Duh.

Fortunately, a couple of years ago I was smart enough to buy an easy-to-take-apart-and-put-together-voice booth: a Studiobricks. The disassembling took just under an hour. As I am writing this blog, the movers are carefully packing all the parts. Soon, it will be put on an airplane and will arrive in Budapest in about two to three weeks.

Two to three weeks might sounds long, but it is actually quite fast. Because a voice booth does not board a plane with a airline ticket in its hands. The rest of our stuff, like furniture goes in a container and will travel by boat. That will take about two months, they told us. But it might take a bit longer thanks to Covid-19. Damn corona virus!

Bottom line: after living in the US for 10 years, our lives will change completely. But for you .. the customer .. everything will remain the same. You’ll still get the same high quality audio recordings. That’s my guarantee.

I can still be reached at the same email address and phone numbers.


+1 202 674 9330 for iMessage, whatsapp, sms and calling

+32 3 808 24 77 can be used if you want to call me on a European / Belgian number.

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