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English Male Voice with global accent for corporate video

serge@sergedemarre.com | +1 202 674 9330 (call/text/iMessage/Whatsapp/Facetime)


So happy to see you here. You've found the right voice actor! 👌🏻

As a voice over talent with two decades of experience, I specialize in voicing corporate videos. I've recorded thousands of them so I know how to make your script come to life with the right tone of voice.

Above you can take a listen to a selection of the corporate videos and explainers I've recently voiced 🗣 Some top clients I've worked for are Audi, Exxon Mobil, Dannon/Danone,  🛫Qatar Airways, Bosch, Shell, BNP Paribas Fortis, Google, Axe and Domino's Pizza.

I speak English with a Global Accent which is ideal for global companies and projects. Anyone in the world who speaks English can understand me, and that's the point of all of your communication, right?

What if you're a company with say German roots? You wouldn't want a British or American Accent in your communication. You'd want to stay authentic and go for an English voice talent with a European accent. The voice over should still sound professional, fluent, authentic. That's where I come in!

Now that you know some more about me, let's talk about the technical details of my voice-overs.

I record in my professional Studiobricks home studio. So the recordings are broadcast quality. What to expect:


- Same day turnaround available (I am a full time voice talent, ready to go any minute of the day)

- Flexible

- Very communicative

- Answers to your technical questions

- Connection via Source Connect or other remote connections for live directed sessions

What does this all cost?

Corporate video

What you get...

 clean recording file without any processing. I can add processing on request

✅ 2 to 3 different reads of your script

Unlimited pick ups for tone of voice and pronunciation. I do charge an extra fee for changes in the script after I've started with the recording.

✅ Up to 500 words (about 3.5 minutes)

✅ Quick Turnaround

Please note broadcast rights are not included but can be bought separately. The buy out depends on the medium you'd like to advertise on, length of your video and script, where it's going to be broadcast, how many "eyes" will see the project and more. Contact me with all the info and I will send you a quote immediately. 

You provide:

- The script. Make sure to give detailed pronunciation tips. Either via email or even better, record the pronunciation of technical words, product and company names with your smartphone.

We can also connect you to my studio so you can listen in and direct during the recording.

- Let me know how you want the recording to sound. The more details you give, the better I can understand what you're looking for. You can also use this Emotion Wheel if you are looking for words to express the mood you'd like to set.

Send me (part of) the project if that's ready. Or even just the background music (or similar music) you're going to use in the project. It all helps me set the right tone.

Order now to get this deal

Does your project have different specs?


No worries! The quickest way to get an accurate quote is to send me an email with the following details:

  • Length of your script and total project in words and minutes

  • How are you going to use the project (a production without marketing spend, boosted on social media, online advertisement, pre-roll,...)

  • Would you like to listen in and direct me while I'm recording your script?

  • Any other useful info.

Feel free to check out my website VoiceOfSerge.com. Looking forward to working with you!

Psssst.... Don't go yet. Let me quickly show you what's happening in the kitchen.

serge@sergedemarre.com | +1 202 674 9330 (call/text/iMessage/Whatsapp/Facetime)

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