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Serge's Demos: English with Global Accent / Mid-Atlantic English  Call/Whatsapp/Text/Facetime +1 202 674 9330

 Some of Serge's top clients :

Looking for the finishing touch for your commercial, online video, e-learning,... in Global  English? Add Serge's experience to your project 👌🏻

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These companies and brands trust Serge

Axe, Domino's Pizza, K'NEX, Red Cross, Heinz Ketchup, Audi, LG, James Bond (Movie Trailer), Unilever, Bosch, Mentos, Shell, Pringles, Lenovo, Fox Entertainment, Disney, Nickelodeon, Toshiba, Sony Entertainment, Prison Break Trailer, Madagascar Movie Trailer, Wolverine movie trailer, BASF, Exxon Mobil, ...

7 reasons to choose Serge 
  1. Experience

    Serge started as a voice talent in the year 2000. Over the past decades he's voiced thousands of projects. That's a lot of experience. In addition, he is continuously taking voice acting classes and private voice over coaching sessions with Nancy Wolfson from Brain Tracks Audio for example. Nancy lives in Los Angeles and is considered the best voice over coach ever, period. Thanks to all theses classes and coaches, Serge knows what's hot and what not. Very important: Serge knows how to take directions! You tell him what you want, and he performs. And that is because... see point 2.


  2.  He listens to you

    Lots of experience, so Serge knows what you're looking for. In case you're not sure about what you're looking for, he'll ask you the right questions so we can figure it out together. Ask away! You can do that right now using the chat box on the lower right side of this website.


  3. Unparalleled Service

    Book Serge with peace of mind. Know you're in good hands, because Serge is all about service. He won't stop till you and your client are satisfied. Email your script and within hours you will receive a professional recording, voiced in Serge's home studio. For your peace of mind, he offers 
    unlimited retakes and revisions for tone of voice or pronunciation until you and your customer are satisfied. Not that you'll ever need that. Please note that text changes are considered a new recording. 

  4. Broadcast Quality Home Studio

    Your script is recorded in Serge's broadcast quality home studio. The recording you receive is of the highest quality, guaranteed. Axe, Domino's Pizza, Pringles, Mentos, Red Cross,... are all highly satisfied with his recordings so why wouldn't you be.


  5. Quick Turnaround

    Serge is a full-time voice. That's why he can deliver quickly. Send him an email, sms, iMessage, Whatsapp or chat with Serge via the chat box on this website. You'll get a quick answer, your script will be recorded promptly and you'll find the recording in your mailbox before you know it.


  6. Remote Directed Session

    You want to be there when Serge is recording? We actually prefer that too.  Let's use Source Connect, Source Connect Now, SessionLink Pro, IPDTL, Skype, FaceTime, ... whatever you prefer. Time savings, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.


  7. Reliable

    He's a man of his word and is always on time. You can count on Serge, just as the world's biggest brands Youtube Music, Axe, Domino's Pizza, Mentos and Becel rely on him and trust him to be their voice.


Testimonials - What the pros are saying

Griet Wils, Producer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dynamic, conversational or exotic? Serge can do it all. It's always a pleasure working with him.

Alain Colpaert, Bruo ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great service and fast delivery. Serge always knows to find the right tone of voice and always brings me several takes with different tones of voice. Always fun to work with him.

Travel360Benelux ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We have been working together for many years. Serge has the perfect voice for our tutorials and online e-learnings. On top of that, Serge is always fast, correct and flexible.


Serge works with the following agencies Trusted Voice
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Are you looking for a professional Flemish voice-over? The Dutch sometimes call it: a Belgian voice actor. So you are looking for a professional voice for your project. Whether that's a national television or radio commercial, commercial for cinema, movie trailer, animated web video, e-learning project, IVR system, or whatever. Serge De Marre is the most deployable voice-over for your project. 

Most voice actors are good in one type of voice, but Serge is really an all-round voice over. He can sell hard, soft sell, romantic, deep, high, acting, business, lots of emotion, little emotion, dynamic speaking style, neutral,... 

The only thing Serge can't do is a woman's voice. And children's voice, he's having a little trouble with that, too. But furthermore, Serge is a pure-bred voice-over that is asked for various projects. Even if there is to be singing, Serge can do that. Search above in the video examples of his voice-over demo to the I want from my car off-commercial. Do you hear the singing? That's Serge, too.

Contact without obligation for a quote or for more information. Not quite convinced that Serge De Marre is the best voice for your project? Give him a call or Skype with him. Bet he can convince you!